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Originally Posted by ak_aramis View Post
Water Clocks work quit well. (They don't of need use water - oil works just as well, but at different flow rates.)
A while back (2000, apparently; time flies when you're a human), a long-running science experiment made the news when a drop of pitch in the apparatus actually fell, an event which occurs about once a decade. It was the eighth drop since the experiment was started in 1930. Even elvish timescales can be incorporated if your "water" clock uses a material with a high enough viscosity.

You can also just ladder your shorter-timescale clocks. Perhaps the elves have a order of monks dedicated to keeping the time from their origin world (because elvish reasons, maybe cultural or magical imperatives). They're poor, because their assets go to buying the best time-keeping technology from the Aarakocra, also working against that tech level difference. They work in redundant shifts so no one oversleeps and forgets to refill the clocks, and keep time at multiple sites, holding a conclave every so often to reconcile differences. Ancient humans built stone circles; primitive elves could have their own priestly cast concerned with calendars.
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