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I've added the stuff from GURPS Magic Styles: Dungeon Magic to the index - magic styles (of course), new spells, new occupational templates and a few "Secret Material" perks.

The Spells by College list was a bit tricky at times, since the spells in the supplement did not generally list their college. What college does "Mana Vortex" fall into, for instance? I eventually went with the Meta College for its direct manipulation of magical energy.

But all in all, that list is getting nicely impressive - I especially like that we get some more interesting attack and defense spells for a bunch of colleges that had a shortage of them in the basic GURPS Magic book. And speaking of which, looking at the Books added to Index list - which GURPS 4E supplements and Pyramid issues have magic spells that aren't on the list yet? I am currently rather motivated to add those...

Magic styles and perks are of interest as well.
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