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Default Re: GURPS Forum Abbreviations

Originally Posted by Daigoro View Post
BBEG- big bad evil dude.
Big bad evil guy actually; same difference. And the meaning is the main recurring antagonist of a campaign, not just a bad guy who is big and evil.

Originally Posted by Joseph Paul View Post
I don't see CF in the master list. Seems to apply to costs or comparisons of modifiers. Did I miss it?
That's because it's from the books rather than being online slang; it means Cost Factor. Basically you add all the Cost Factors up and multiply an item's GURPS $ price by the result so CF+1 means doubling a price, CF+2 means tripling the price, and a total CF of +3 means quadrupling the price whether achieved through three +1s, a +1 and a +2, or a single +3.
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