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Default Re: GURPS Powers: Divine Favor

Originally Posted by RyanW View Post
It should also increase the level required to purchase a given learned prayer, because of the way they are priced. Makes sense too, since a minor god might be less willing to share his somewhat more limited powers.
Yes, of course. I just realized that I didn't say this explicitly because it was an obvious part of the change . . .to me. But that doesn't mean it's obvious to everyone who didn't write the darn system. Sorry. :)

To be clear: Any change to the cost of Divine Favor is going to alter (only) the Learned Prerequisite line of the learned prayers. But it's really a simple rule: The total cost (in the Statistics line, down at the bottom) of any learned prayer you want to buy must be less than or equal to the cost of your Divine Favor advantage.

For example, say you use the limitation Peter asked for, above, and buy Divine Favor 8 (Limited Manifestation, Good, -40%) [27]. The limitation means you can only learn minor blessings and major blessings -- but also the base cost of any learned prayer cannot exceed 27 points. Thus, you could learn Traveler's Blessing, but not Walk on the Water.

This is why I wouldn't mess with its cost in my games. As said earlier: Yes, you can adapt Divine Favor to do anything you'd like, because it's GURPS! But IMO, the most elegant thing about Divine Favor is its simplicity. You buy a level of power, and then you buy prayers of the same level or less -- dead easy. As written, even the most mathophobic player could pick it up, read through it, and happily build a paragon character.
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