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Default Re: Different Liches [Magic/Horror]

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Ravens n' Pennies has a pulp hunters designer notes article that I just keep coming back to. It has four types of immortals, one of which is object-based:

Weakness (Loss of object; 1d/second; Quickened, +120%) [-22]

It also has Achilles heel limitation applied to its unkillable.
That could work, instead of a Gadget Limitation.

Originally Posted by Daigoro View Post
I think Kromm addressed this once a while ago, and said that it's a wash. You can carry your Gadget with you into danger, but you're there to protect it, or you can leave it somewhere safe and hidden, but can't stop a determined thief from stealing it.
I donít feel this works as a wash; you can strap it to yourself, in which case itís no different from a typical Breakable Gadget, but you also have the option of leaving it somewhere safe, strapping it to a more competent ally, etc. Having additional options is by definition less limiting. How much less limiting, however, Iím not certain of.

Well, unless the original intent was that all Gadgets that lacked Stealable work this way, but I donít think thatís implied by the text and examples...
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