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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

PC1: "What if I just shoot him in the knee?"
PC2: "He could bleed out, there would be a lot of bone fraagments and there is an artery. Maybe the ankle, less bleeding even if you do destroy the joint and all blood vessels."
PC1: "But then he might still run away!"
PC2: "If he does much running after a .50 BMG round through the ankle, he's probably not human."
PC1: "How do we know that he is? Lacoste saw some freaky chained spirit leave the other guy when he cut off his head!"
PC2: "No offense to the big guy, but dude really can't handle his magic mushrooms."
PC1: "Ok, can I shoot this -ing Raul guy in the stomach? He might die, but you'd be able to talk to him first."
PC2: "What about the term FIFTY CALIBER BMG is unclear to you!?"
GM: "Hydrostatic shock is usually not a significant contributor to terminal effectiveness, but if you want to shoot a guy in the abdomen with 750 grains of half-inch bullet at just over a hundred yards, maybe he could be the exception that proves the rule. The temporary cavity would be huge and there's a lot of blood-rich organs close by that you really don't want destroyed. Not to mention arteries. Depending on HT rolls, he could be dead in thirty seconds. If he survives the first three to four HT checks, though, he should live up to half an hour."
PC1: "So was that a 'no' on the gut shot?"
GM: "It might surprise you to learn that while .50 BMG rifles are excellent when you need to kill a car, as you've so aptly demonstrated, they are severely limited as Less-Than-Lethal armament."
PC1: "Fine! I resist my Bloodlust. We can take him prisoner, then, if he's smart enough not to run."
PC3: "What happens if he runs?"
PC1: "He dies tired."
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