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Originally Posted by Clockwork_Virus View Post
I recall that it was suggested (somewhere else on this forum) to think of the mechanical offensive and defensive advantages of Altered Time Rate as coming from the ability to All-Out Attack and then still close out the turn with an All-Out Defense.

Basically, for example, Joe Twice-as-Fast would be able to line up a better attack (AoA Determined), or make a lightning fast attack (AoA Determined + Deceptive), or strike at double-time (AoA Double) . . . and still enjoy defensive benefits of moving faster than the opponent can keep up with (AoD Dodge) or being fast enough to attempt two defenses (AoD Double).
I have seen such a suggestion as well, but it doesn't really hold up to scrutiny. That can easist be seen by considering the case of someone with a large number of levels in ATR. Obviously that should give far higher bonuses than what you can get just from AoD maneuvers. These kinds of things is just the faster person taking different maneuvers, they do not reflect the increased defense you would realistically get just from being faster.
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