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Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
Do you need a rule? Defense isn't all about raw movement speed (and neither is ATR). Anticipation of where the blows are coming or knowing the best way to adjust the enemies' motion matters -- and depending on your character concept, those other factors might matter more or less than just pure speed. So, it seems more a matter of character design to lend the right feel for the fluff for the concept -- largely a matter of taste.

You also might want to skew your bonus defenses differently. The super-speedster might have Enhanced Dodge, but not so much Enhanced Parry, thanks to something like the logic above, while the precognitive psi warrior might bump all defenses since he can see it all coming, while the street samurai in turbo mode just gets Enhanced Parry since it's all about showing off the flashing katana.
Sure, things like skill obviously matter as well. However what I was asking about was how much is appropraite just from the increased speed. For example, suppose that a character suddenly finds everyone but him moving in slow motion, at half their previous speed relative to him. Compared to what he had before, how much of a bonus should he realistically get to defense rolls?
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