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Originally Posted by Gollum View Post
It has been discussed over and over in many threads ... But no matter, let's see the arguments again ...

Is Hafthor Bjornsson a ST 20 character in GURPS terms? ST 20 = BL 80 = can lift 640 lbs over his head dozens of times without the least hour of training and without the least extra effort.

So, the answer is no, even if he is very strong, he isn't as strong than that.

St 19? 577,6 lbs over his head without effort nor training. ST 18? 518,4 lbs ... And so on ...

So, Mr Hafthor Bjornsson is strong, yes. Very strong. But ST 15, the good skills, and extra effort may be enough for what he does. Because he is very well trained and makes a lot of efforts for his feats.
Then (as also mentioned in multiple threads) there is his Carry On Back feat (which in according to the rules, is not a Lift, simplifying the calculations a lot).

That gives him a ST well over 20.

Carry on Back: 15xBL. He carried a 1,433 pound log, which means ST very close to 22.

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