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Default Re: TFT Errata for Hexagram #3

Some brief comments so you know I'm reading the thread :)

Henry, I understand that you are asking about death and dying, but I don't know what your question is. Is there an apparent erratum or contradiction?

Yes, Hexagram 3 is almost finished. Follow us on Kickstarter to know when new projects launch there.

The staff-to-snake question may not be an erratum, exactly, but it's a good question and I don't mind seeing it here. My intent was really RAW - the staff breaks if the snake dies. That would disincline me, if I were a high-level wizard, from using the spell. An interesting and complicated change, of course, woud be to say that S2S gets more powerful with each added level of Staff and at some level the staff is not broken. I'm not ready to do that, but if you house-ruled it, I would nod benignly :)
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