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Default Re: TFT Errata for Hexagram #3

From the TFT Companion / Space Gamer SJ Designer's notes article, Errata section, almost all the errata was applied to Legacy edition except...

* The Advanced Wizard page 27-28 errata (magic item table) saying to add notes B, A, and C to certain enchantments. These changes actually would have a major effect on the feasibility of these enchantments for multi-hex creatures, especially monsters who might be able to use these items if taken from humans, but if they have note B won't be able to use them unless special items were made to be able to be used by multi-hex creatures, since e.g. there would not be much call for 7-hex (let alone 14-hex) Stone Flesh...

* The Draper Kaufman clarifications along the same lines also weren't inserted in Legacy.

Of course this could be a GM campaign setting choice for whether they want dragons to be able to use those enchantments or not, but it would be good to see it get an answer or at least an official "A GM should think about whether these should be Note B (A, C, etc) enchantments or not."

It looks to me like some of them were chosen because they have defensive effects but no ST cost to use (Stone Flesh, Iron Flesh, Blur, Fireproofing), and others are offensive effects that would be good to have extra cost to be able to make one that can affect a large figure (Trip, Slow Movement, Sleep, Freeze, Drop Weapons), while Detect Life and Detect Enemies seem to have been thought wanting a price to get greater range.

Compare to how some defensive enchantments were not listed, but these have ST costs (e.g. Reverse Missiles, Spell Shield).
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