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Originally Posted by Nils_Lindeberg View Post
Have I understood the rules right that a lasso is only ST8 and does 1+2 damage with Missile range (3-15 hexes) or can trip people? The "reload" is long but with back up lassos that shouldn't be a problem. What's the catch so to speak?

All the other peculiar weapons seem to have drawbacks, either getting an aim penalty, limited range or more normal damage. Sure there is a GM approval thing (that I will use), but still. I have a very hard time seeing a weakling 15 hexes away being able to lasso you around the neck and immediately do damage to you at the level of a longbow?

I can see how you possibly could do that to a victim that is unaware, like an animal or on a guard from behind. But quickly strangling someone with even just a little armor ready for combat seems very over the top or cowboy romantic to me.
First, the damage strikes me as wrong. Was it supposed to be 1D-2 perhaps?

Second, back up lassos, I think will take more time to ready than most weapons, not as long as the whole 6 turn pull it in, recoil, form a new loop, etc but probably at least a third of that.

Third, it is a thrown weapon, -1 DX per hex distance.

Fourth, the head shot needed for it to do damage is -6 DX.

Fifth, the rules really need to stop using hexes that are supposed to be 4 feet wide as interchangeable with yards (3 feet). A 15 yard range should actually be about 11 hexes.

All that said, even with the lasso rules as written it is not a spectacular weapon. Consider your example weakling st 8. Maybe he has iq 8 as well, so dx 16. Assume he has throwing talent so +2 dx throwing. If he targets someone 15 hexes away, going for the head because he wants to cause injury he has a -21 dx penalty. Yes, 2 of those are countered by his throwing talent but he still is in negative to hit numbers. At his closest range of 3 hexes, again trying to do damage, he has a -9 dx penalty, two of which he cancels with his throwing talent but that still means he hits on a 9. Not good.

Lastly, lasso is one of those weapons that must be used with aimed shots. Aimed shots is an optional rule. If mr weakling's GM isn't choosing to use that option lasso wont be working at all.

On thinking it over, maybe that 1D+2 isn't a mistake. Perhaps the author felt bad for anyone trying to use a lasso and tossed them a crumb.

Oops, missed the part in the lasso description that contradicts its table description as a thrown weapon. Personally, if I had to decide between the two contradictory rules I would go with the table description in any game I GMed.

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