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Default [Monster] Man Eating Cows

Man Eating Cow (aka Lucifer's Own Herd, aka Fell Cattle)
Dire Animal
Long-horned cattle with hides patterned like a big cat's, and an appetite for flesh to match.
ST: 20
DX: 12
IQ: 4
HT: 12
HP: 24
Will: 13
Per: 12
FP: 12
Speed: 6
Move: 12
SM: 1
Dodge: 10
Parry: 12(F)

DR: 3 (Eyes: 0 Skull: 6 Feet: 6)
Charge (16): This is an all-out attack overrun (Exploits 40) on every target it can hit in a line. The first target also gets the horns (below), with extra damage based on the total distance charged – +2 (1-4), +4 (5-6), +6 (7-9), +8 (10+). Roll the slam damage contest as usual - targets that lose get tossed 1d/2 hexes to the back of the cow by the horns, requiring an acrobatics -2 (+plus relevant shock penalties) roll to land upright, with an additional 1d-2 falling damage otherwise. Subsequent targets in line are subjected to regular slams at 2d-2 (plus charge bonus) crushing damage. The horns can be blocked or parried but the 2d slam will still apply and they count as a 20 lb weapon on charges.
Horns Like Sickles (16): 2d+3 imp. C,1. Count as a weapon (2 lbs) with a fencing parry.
Hooves Like Hammers (16): 2d crush. C,1. Can attack to the rear at -2
Teeth Like a Saw (16): 2d cut. C. Counts as a grapple.

Traits: Bad temper, bloodlust, combat reflexes, high pain threshold, quadruped, temperature tolerance (both) 2, wild animal.

Skills: Brawling-16

Class: Dire Animal.

Notes: Horns are worth $100, hides are worth $40, but both are easily ruined by battle. Very edible, if not quite beef.

Man eating cows were created by an evil farmer (now deceased) out for revenge against those who had wronged him. The Guild of Upstanding Gentlemen and Entrepreneurs has started hiring the cows and their herdsmen as guards. Others have escaped to the wild. Orcs and other wild tribes have adopted them as war beasts. Things might be said to be getting out of hand.

The wizards' guild is both vigorously pointing at these beasts as an example of non-wizards creating unholy abominations against nature, and carefully destroying all evidence of the consulting contract they had with the original evil farmer.
PDF version

The more cynical among you may claim this is just a slightly silly 're-skin' of a Kardakan. Shout all you want, I will not be cowed.

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