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Default Re: The guide to throat slitting (or sentry removal, for the gentlemen)

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
The gentlemanly thing to do is announce yourself and give the man time to prepare to defend himself. Skulking is for cowards (and people who want to live more than they want to be gentlemen).

Also the OP is a heck of a lot of text for something that is pretty simple in reality, no wonder people think GURPS is too complicated. You could have written all of the key points there (the combination, and the grab and smash) in less than a hundred words.
In that case gentlemen should not become commandos. But they were usually more practical then Alexander Dumas on actual battlefields. Wellington certainly did not announce that he had hidden an ambuscade on the other side of the hill, nor did Wavell announce that he was going to attack to the Italians before attacking them.
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