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Default Re: Stuff I'd like to see in Pyramid

I think the Suppressed Transmission articles are decent. They work well when they suggest a solid conspiracy theory that is more than a simple what if.

The only thing I regularly ignore in Pyramid is the Random Thought Table (sorry editor!). Usually feels like a space-filler that's not worth reading past the first paragraph.

I'd like more GURPS-centric stuff, and more RPG-centric overall. I appreciate the occasional board game review, but I much prefer reviews of other RPG systems for perspective. Otherwise more rules, add-ons, settings characters, with characters the least wanted, though more fully fleshed one are prefered. Adventures would be nice. It seems that other than the recent DF one, they've been a long time coming. Support for recent GURPS releases is a good idea and free advertising; I wish there was more of it.

The reality check articles (forgot the title) where someone asks a serious question and the ramifications are explained somewhat in generic terms. Kind of esosteric, but the kind of stuff that is perfect for a GM that regularly tries to push the margin.
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