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Default Approaching TL9?

So, TL9, the "Microtech Age" with goodies such as "Artificial Intelligence" and "Real-Time Virtuality" starts at "2025+?". At this age humanity will be toying around with "robot cars, space elevators, manned interplanetary space flight, electrolasers, heavy laser weapons, battlesuits, combat robots, designerlls, deuterium-hydrogen fusion, high-temperature superconductors, human genetic engineering, tissue engineering, artificial wombs, and cybernetic implants". (B511-512)

That was 15 years ago.

How close are the advanced societies of Earth to entering TL9; still another 6 years, or do we need to revise that forecast? What's your take, as a GURPS GM or player, on a TL9 world as compared with the TL8 that we've lived in now for almost 40 years. (Choose your approach/evaluation criteria/degree of seriousness freely.)
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