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Default Re: Can you Parry a Bear?

Originally Posted by trooper6 View Post
That doesn't seem right. Pyramid 77 says:

So a strike from a Grizzly Bear would have the equivalent weight of 3.6lbs
Yes sorry you're right I only did 1/20th of ST*ST

But making it 3.6lbs doesn't really solve the problem (it less than the 3x weight threshold for a long sword, and way less than than the 1xBL for not being possible to be parried)

For the me the issue isn't weather or not the long sword breaks, but weather or not you'll be able to meaningfully parry a 800lb bear swinging at you or keep hold of your sword while attempting to do so!

Your grip will break long before your sword will.

Basically there are two aspects in Parrying heavy weapons:

1). the chances of weapon breakage that's based on thresholds of multiples of parrying weapon weight.


2). the hard and fast what you can't parry and will be disarming if you try at all based on BL.

To me they interrelate weirdly here

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