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Default Re: Can you Parry a Bear?

Originally Posted by Snaps View Post
Those rules seem a little off to me. So a 19 ST Grizzly is easier to parry than a 3 lb broadsword in the hands of a ST 10 man (or woman)?

You could also stop the tusks of a Bull Elephant, or even tail swipe/bites/claw attacks of a ST 100 Dragon? The Dragon would need 100 ST before you'd even need to check for breakage. A ST 80 Dragon could be parried by a normal broadsword without even having to check for breakage.

Also, after looking over the rules, I notice that a Rapier can Parry a Greatsword without having to even check for breakage.

Anyone else think the weapon breakage rules need a little tweaking?
What about the chance of dropping the weapon? I mean, I wouldn't expect a well made sword to break if I parried a bear's paw with it, but I would expect to have trouble keeping my grip in the face of that much force.
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