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Default Re: Firearms training and familiarity for US Army mental health specialist

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
At that age and limited military experience it's entirely possible that her civilian opportunities to become familiar with guns and practice with them easily outnumber her military ones.

Certainly if she has a gun now it'll be whichever one she wants.
Her 17 years in an asylum for the criminally insane since the Incident have honed her solitaire playing skills to perfection, but haven't really added much in the way of civilian life skills.

The year she spent on a military base in North Carolina has had a pretty defining influence on her life. She took experimental nootropic drugs in connection to it and seems to remember every second of it pretty vividly. Of course, she is also still mental-institution level obsessed with the psycho ******* who got her involved in the Incident which led her to being put in Manhanock Asylum.
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