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My addition

Jeffersonian 3 aka N'er But a Man be Free (or maybe Celtic 5)

Divergence Point, around 1775.

Basically do to some differences among the key players, the US was able create a union with slavery explicitly forbidden.

However the desire for cheap labor was still there so early on there were a lot of Irish indentured but little other immigration except from the UK

This in time lead to a less fractious history with no civil war, a smaller weaker Federal government and rather different outcome with no US involvement in WW1 except by Volunteer Regiments.

Homeline music aficionados like to visit this world for its unique music heavily Celtic flavored with some Native American rhythms and its dominant bluegrass and country styles. It also has English folk revival music

Current year 1980 the nations of the world are in a Cold War with a somewhat stronger Soviet Union than existed on Homeline. There are no nukes.

Main Powers:

USSR and Satellites CR4-5 Communist

European Powers CR3 to CR4 Various

United Kingdom Cr3 Monarchical Republic

and included by honorarium the United States CR2 Republic CR3 in some states which is kind of a satellite of The United Kingdom though considered an unreliable one because of the Irish influence
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