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Bill Cameron raises some interesting points about Emir; remember, I want to take it farther forward, what I wrote is about as far as I can get with linear and logical extrapolation, and so it's time to get creative.

This America would be rather more interested in North African territory; France has something to pledge that will keep the money flowing, if they think it's that or be conquered. More likely, though, even if the Germans manage to get a peace treaty that says they are the winners and are entitled to reparations from France and Russia (there is zero chance of the British Empire paying them a penny under any circumstances, or ceding territory), Wilhelmine Germany is an ambulatory corpse. The German people have died and starved for four years for the promise of glory and future wealth; there is no glory, there will be no wealth, and the hunger keeps going after the peace treaty is signed. Any junker who can't run fast enough is going to be dead by, say, 1923, and the Kaiser is a junker. It's not impossible for Berlin to become acquainted with the guillotine before a peace treaty is signed either. In short, the lack of a successful British campaign will be very helpful to the Ottomans...but they aren't going to be getting any help from their erstwhile allies.

We're 60 years after our initial changes, so honestly we're pretty free to make details up at this point. What would people find more interesting, a USA with a Caliph-in-residence who many people regard as a joke, or a world in which the USA has a close relationship with a surviving Ottoman Empire while leaving Europe in its ruins and rationing?

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