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Originally Posted by David Johnston2 View Post
Does it matter precisely who shoots Washington?
It doesn't matter, which it makes it all the more surprising that every time Washington gets shot it's always Ferguson and His Magic Rifle. The myth always gets trotted out when even a cursory examination of Washington's military career would reveal dozens of actual dangerous situations in which the man was under fire.

Hell, during the Seven Years War alone Washington could have been killed several times. There was the Jumonville ambush, his defeat and capture at Fort Necessity, the disastrous Braddock expedition, and more. During Forbes advance across Pennsylvania towards Fort Duquesne Washington was involved in a friendly fire incident in which about four dozen men were killed or wounded.

All the real incidents during the Seven Years War, all the real incidents during the American Revolutionary War, and all anyone can ever suggest is Forbes invented the Thirty-Ought-Six and could have potted Washington while he was chopping down a cherry tree but didn't because he was a gentleman.
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