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Default Wordshift: Duct Tape.

When Duck (note the spelling at the time) Tape was invented back in the 1940s, it was for securing ammunition crates and after the war was primarily used in the industry doing 'tough' things. So when David presented one of his Seraphim, Jorel, for the word back in the mid-1950s, the Seraphim council rubber stamped it pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, over the last 50 years the word has shifted. While making prom dresses (and tuxedos and sailboats) out of Duct Tape does help bring people together, Jorel doesn't feel that he is that well connected with the new way in which some people now view his word. (Note in this case Nybbas is not thought to be involved). Fortunately or unfortunately, there's a Mercurian of Creation IST Stone, Mikela, who is *really* following the trends and sees how Duct Tape can be used in a Creative way. Mikela is really torn because she doesn't hold any ill will for Jorel and yet she wonders whether she could better serve heaven with that word.

In many ways, this would be easier in Hell. Mikela would simply try to get rid of Jorel.

So how should this play out?
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