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Default Re: Two simple ways to get more talents.

Originally Posted by Bayarea View Post
Hi Rick I always read your rules with enthusiasm, as you say your rules work for your campaign. To put them into the TFT most of the rules would have to be rewritten, fST for berserking and other things, all the Talents for IQ superscripts and all the combat for sDX are just some examples. So as you say it is unlikely to have that level of rewrite.

Obviously changing the talents cost is another option, however I don't think the talents are 2x too expensive. Also this means relearning every talent cost I have most of them memorized and I suspect other do too. So if you change a few like Mimic, Fencing and Monster Follower that's not a big deal. I just don't think enough talents are overpriced to justify reducing them all. ...
Hi Bayarea, everyone.
Actually my superscript rules don't require rewriting everything. The half page of rules and half page of examples pretty much do it.

I show costs that are paid in fatigue ST as fST, but that can be done without the superscript rules at all. It just shows costs more clearly.

I've added a lot of new talents, and I think Steve should as well. Someone pointed out that most jobs in TFT had two levels of talents. Thief and Master Thief. Sword and Fencing. Bow and Missile Weapons, etc. But I like to have more skills to distinguish beginners from true masters.

Anyway, I've played a long time with talents being cheaper and it has not harmed play. I'm used to people having twice as many talents as the base game.

Looking at two of my examples, Knife going from 1 memory to 1/2 a memory is a 50% drop in price but Master Thief (3), INCLUDING Thief (2), reduces 4 memory to 3, or 75% of the current cost. I certainly don't think any harm would be done to TFT if the talents cost 3/4 to 1/2 of their current price. In fact it would be a great good: heroes would be less overshadowed by wizards and Conan could have a decent number of talents at reasonable IQ for him.

Of course, the cost is that you would have to learn new memory prices.


Warm regards, Rick.
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