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Default Re: Placement of Talents in the Rules

Originally Posted by Kirk View Post
But not really, right? Spells are for wizards, talents are for heroes, each should be handled in AW and AM respectively. ITL should be about what affects both for GMing such as jobs, creatures, etc. Putting talents in ITL is very unsymmetrical and doesn't make sense. One could just as easily have put just the spells in ITL and the elements for GMing with as much sense, since heroes can use spells, just like wizards can use talents.
Personally, I don't mind a looser approach to these things. But maybe that's because I started out in roleplaying in 1975 with White Box D&D and you pretty much HAD to be okay with a loosely organized set of rules (and quite often with no comprehensible rules at all for some things...).

Still, if your point is that the rules could be better organized and integrated, I'm down with that (plus a really good ToC and Index). BUT, having said that, I still prefer Steve's almost conversational style of writing in TFT compared to some of the more "technically correct" but less flavorful writing in things like GURPS or a typical wargame rules set.

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