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Default Re: Placement of Talents in the Rules

Originally Posted by Kirk View Post
But not really, right? Spells are for wizards, talents are for heroes, each should be handled in AW and AM respectively. ITL should be about what affects both for GMing such as jobs, creatures, etc. Putting talents in ITL is very unsymmetrical and doesn't make sense. One could just as easily have put just the spells in ITL and the elements for GMing with as much sense, since heroes can use spells, just like wizards can use talents.
Yeah, though it's not just that Talents are in ITL, as ALL character creation is in ITL, and all the character creation should be together, and it sort of makes sense because ITL ties together various considerations about making and running a character, and it kind of makes sense to start reading ITL first if you want a full RPG, and to start with creating a character, and both Wizards and Heroes can have talents (at least Literacy is a good one for Wizards).

I don't think any of ITL/AM/AW stand alone at all:

ITL by itself has no combat system.
AM by itself has no character creation system (and no talents).
AW by itself has neither character creation or a combat system.


ITL + AM is a complete RPG without magic.
AM + Melee is sort of a complete combat game (but the talents are missing).
AW + Wizard is a complete wizardly combat game with some extra campaign stuff.

A player in a campaign run by a GM with all the books might just want to get ITL. A player of heroes only might want to just get ITL + AM. A player of a wizard might want to just get AW.
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