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A 2,500 point experiment

I've been talking to Lamech about this, he doesn't think this will work.

But I want to try a PbP game with a single, 2,500 point PC.

The setting will be "present day Earth, with stuff added."

"Stuff" may potentially be from any genre. I'll consider proposals for PCs that draw on whatever genre you like, and reserve the right to draw on just about any genre to create challenges for the PC.

In any case, the PC will be one of, if not the, most powerful resident of Earth in the game world.

If you're interested, PM me with a pitch. I want to do this with a single player, in part to avoid the "six people waiting for one person" problem that sometimes plagues PbP games. As GM, I expect to be able to reply at least once per day, and want someone who can do the same.

I won't just take the first person who PMs me - convince me that you'll make the results of this experiment as interesting as possible. I'm looking for good character ideas on both the mechanical and background/ personality level. Clear motivations for the PC are a must, in order that as a GM I'll have some idea how he (she, ze) with react to events in the game.
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