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Default Re: Keep On The Banestorm?

Originally Posted by Johnny Angel View Post
I suppose what it really comes down to is the question of how powerful the power of a deity is. Can cosmic power transcend worlds?
To a limited extent, yes. After all, every place is low sanctity unless the power has a following there, or a diametrically opposed power controls it and fills it with their sanctity.


I think my best bet may be to simply warn the players that what I have in mind for the path the campaign story will take might make playing a divine character or a tiefling somewhat more difficult than other options. Though I'm sure this will lead to someone at least considering playing something like a tiefling cleric.
Like I said, the best cleric option is to warn them ahead of time that the dungeon is a enemy temple so they should design their character with a Sanctity Booster relic. The Tiefling should just be built with a Stigma built into the template.
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