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Default Re: Can you stack linked damage against DR?

Originally Posted by The_Ryujin View Post
Quick question for the hive mind, is there a RAW way to make an attack that has two diffrent damage types that stack?

For example lets say I want to stat something like a Warhammer 40k power sword using an innate attack that does normal cutting or implying damage but is also surrounded by an enegery field that erodes normal matter so I want it to do an extra +1d corrosive damage which stacks with the cutting/implying damage (note: to avoid confusion and people getting caught up on the power weapon angle; this is just a hypothetical example, I'm not looking to literally recreate a 40k power weapon. I know how easy it is to get side tracked on the fiddly details heh)

And if there isn't a RAW way of doing this, any ideas how to?
Buy the two attacks at the same level, Put "No Wounding" on the Corrosive Attack, so all it does is erode DR, and Follow up on the cutting attack, so it comes in after the Erosion.

If that doesn't do the job for you, you could link them, and add Custom (Cosmic, Cumulative Damage, +50%)
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