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Default Re: a few questions from a newbie

Originally Posted by Paull51878 View Post
1) If I buy every Munchkin Game, like Munchkin 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 , are those all to be played seperately or do I combine them with the original Munchkin game? Im confused
All te expansions just add carts to the game. There is no deckibuilding in Munchkin, just put the expansions together with the basic set, shuffle, and enjoy a bunch of different cards.
If I buy Munchkin Zombies 1,2,3, same as above, do I play each seperate or combine them? Can other games such as Zombies be played with the original Munchkin?
Same with any new game. Zombies 2-3 are to be used with Munchkin Zombies. You can mix multiple, different games, such as Munchkin, Zombies and Star, for crazy games. It's a fun variation of the game. If you do mix multiple games, Munchkin 7 - More Good Cards, is a nice addition to the game.

What do they mean by in any combat you may discard it for a 1d6 bonus? I have no idea what a 1d6 bonus is
You roll the dice (d6 is the 6-sided dice) and you get a bonus equal to the number you rolled.
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