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Default Re: [DF] Shaman Profession in DFRPG

Originally Posted by Beriogelir View Post
I would like to introduce something like the shaman profession from DF9 into my DFRPG game. (Is that redundant? Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game game?)

Nope, not redundant at all.
Spirit Empathy and Medium are key, Channeling is arguably less useful though fitting if you want to use the Spirit Vessal rules from GURPS Thaumatology.
Honestly I would use Contacts but skip Allies as that better fits a Summoner.
Shaman can be replicated without having Ally spirits summoned to battle.
Use spells and Powers as special effects of summoned spirits.

Oracle is a great fit, though perhaps pricey. Good Powerup though.
Clairvoyance is even more pricey and can be a game breaker or steal the Scout and Thiefs niche if your not careful.

I see the Shaman as a mix between Bard, Cleric and Druid and some Bardic abilities might be a good fit. In fact I am thinking use the Bard template in DFRPG as your starting point.
Exorcism and True Faith can be used to counter shaman abilities and spells instead of Dispel Magic.

Originally Posted by Beriogelir View Post
[*]Can I just model the abilities that the spirits grant the shaman with buff spells (e.g., Alterness, Grace, Resist Pain, etc.)? Are there other colleges that lend themselves particularly well to emulating spirit-granted abilities? Some spells from the Animal, Communication and Empathy, Knowledge, Mind Control, Protection and Warning, and Weather colleges, that sort of thing?[*]If I give the shaman spells to replicate spirit-granted abilities, and those include some Animal and Weather spells, is that going to infringe on the druid's niche? Will buff spells infringe on the cleric's niche? How do I prevent that?
You can, its the typical way this is handled in most RPGs and a personal disappointment though.
Its workable but loses a lot of the flavor and they can easily become just another caster.
Basing it off the Bard template will help. In my game I use Powers based and requires a Reaction or Influence roll.
Might consider requiring Reaction rolls to cast spells as replacing Sancity or mana levels. It would mean more rolling so thats a drawback but if they have a good enough roll you can skip it in most cases and make it about as limiting as mana levels.
So only roll when its a difficult task or there would be a Reaction penalty to try the spell under those circumstances.
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