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Originally Posted by Kale View Post
Related to the meme we have some "Would you like to know more?" banners:

Personal fave due to cross genre reference:

The classic one:

And "The More You Know" meets "Would you like to know more?":

I've been really impressed with your armor write-ups. We need more crunchy detail like this in GURPS for ultratech gear. You are helping to fill the gap with your work!
Oh god that first one.... I think I just cracked a rib!

Also the more you know one... I'm gonna find a use for that one heh.

But yeah, I'm trying to do my best in that regard. I get that Fantasy is were the money is and GURPS needs to make sure that the bills are paid before they can throw the money around at more low return projects so I'm gonna hold the torch as best I can until Dave can finally get the VDS and Armory books into our grubby lil' hands.

For next week I'm taking a quick break from outright offensive gear to take a crack at a piece of gear that's a little more universally useful (though I might still have a "fun one" in store as well assuming I can make the numbers works and I can weasel in the free time...).

I also do have a bit of a follow up to my battlesuit post in the wing but... well... I got some special plans for that one :D
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