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Default Re: Combat Maneuvers Cheat Sheet

Originally Posted by Captain Joy View Post
I'm weeping. This is excellent.

Some suggestions as per your request:
  1. Under All-Out Defense: Increased: Movement column -- change "Step | 1/2" to "Step (1/2)" to use a parallel structure with what you have in the Descroption column
  2. Under Move and Attack: Description column -- you end with "(except slams, etc.)". Since you've already committed to starting a new line, why not continue with a list instead of using the "etc."?
  3. Under Change Posture -- consider adding info about how to go from prone to standing. It takes two turns (unless you have Acrobatic Stand technique) and it comes up all the time (for my groups, at least).
  4. Add Riposte
  5. Add Stop Hit
Done, Version 1.4

Originally Posted by Captain Joy View Post
I have a need for a similar reference sheet optimized for unarmed combat. The listing of potential options would include: punch, kick, grab, grapple, lock, push, slam, pin, choke, ... You get the idea. It seems we always have to look this stuff every time it comes up, even though it comes up about every game.
Would be great, but I lack the time at the moment to do this...
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