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Default Re: [RPM] Post your rituals here

Originally Posted by Langy View Post
Would something like this be acceptable to use as a charm:

Restoration Ritual
Spell Effects: Lesser Create Magic.
Inherent Modifiers: Healing.
Greater Effects: 0 (1).

This ritual restores a mage's magical energy supply. This is typically cast as a charm. This restores 6d of the mage's mana reserve.

This Casting: Lesser Create Magic (6) + Lesser Create Magic (6) + Healing, 6d Mana (20). 32 energy (321).

If so, it'd be rather helpful for when you need to quickly cast a spell on the fly that uses your entire mana reserve, and you've already spent it and don't have time to recharge normally.
Nope. You can't use magic to be better at magic and this falls under that. If you want to restore your mana reserve roll Path of Magic.

Edit: If you want to run it in your own games that way - it's cool (of course).
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