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Originally Posted by pawsplay View Post
So what if I add cyberware? Still Yrth? What if I change the name of the planet? What if I eliminate orcs?
Eberron adds cyberware (magical, but still) and it is still D&D. Considering that Yrth has banestorms dropping people off from any time and place, sure add cyberware. Me being me, I'd want to figure out some things about the it magical or technological? If it is technological was it produced off-world and banestormed in? or is there are a group of Underground Engineers who have mastered TL9 cybertechnology? How? Why? Is it secret? You could do it and the different answers would give you different flavors.

Change the name of the planet? Why not? It is exactly the same as in the Banestorm book, but everyone calls the planet Susan. Okay. Whatever.

Eliminate Orcs? Why not, that is what the Dark Elves have been trying to do for ages now. So they succeed. What does everyone think about that? ... How about the Half-Orc PCs? Or where there never Orcs? You'd have to decide about the Banestorm...but the Dark Elves could have been trying to get rid of Lizard Men...or the Banestorm could be a naturally occuring phenomenon on this world.

Just make the tweaks you like to make the world the one you want to play.

ETA: The only time you have to worry about continuity is if you are wanting to publish a Banestorm adventure with SJGames. Though, maybe you just finished playing the videogame Too Human and you really want to do some sort of Techno Medieval Fantasy...maybe if you did a really interesting thing it could be published in Pyramid as an Alternate Yrth.

As GM you can do whatever the heck you want. Even without big obvious tweaks my Yrth and your Yrth aren't going to be the same just because of our different GM tastes and due to the results of player actions (if you are a GM that allows player actions to make a difference in the world). I mean, my idea of fun times would be to create a political wheeling-dealing war campaign in Caithness where the players wage that civil war. And they would want to solve that. So over the course of the campaign, I bet the Civil War would end. That would be a huge difference from what is in the book. So what?

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