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Default Re: Using an Illusion's Senses

Originally Posted by MikMod View Post
Yes, but you are extensively quoting and then extrapolating from the exceptions text rather than the general text for illusions. I believe this leads you into a very different view of illusions to mine.

A truly summoned creature is certainly really there in a way an illusion is not. It actually has real eyes for a start, whereas your illusion 'behaves as its master thinks the world is' not how it really is. So it's visual 'reports' aren't based on actual eyes, but on 'the mind of the wizard' and what he knows about the world. Compare with the passage on gates...
The text under "Creation Spells" is a general rule, "A wizard can see through the eyes of the summoned beings, images, or illusions brought by his Creation spells".

This is the RAW text, which explicitly includes images or illusions with no exceptions given.
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