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Default Warhammer 40,000 Helper Rule Questions

Warhammer 40,000 Helper Rule Questions

Who is considered a helper, the combine Combat Strength player or all players involved in the Combat? "One-Shot," forced, etc.


You and the other players may play One-Shots or use Army abilities to help or harm you in your combat.
If other players, more than one is helping a player defeat Monster(s) are they involved in Combat meaning thus involved in the Run Away? Are these players considered helpers?

Asking for Help

Only one player can help you, adding their combat strength to yours. Anyone can play cards to affect your combat, however!
Only one player can combine Combat Strength, yet can other players help for Treasure w/ One-Shot(s)?

You'll probably have to bribe someone to help.
Can a player bribe more than one player to help?

Your helper does not go up any levels . . . unless the helper is an Ork and you won by 10 points or more, in which case they gain one level.
What if an Ork player helps that is not part of combine Combat Strength, does that Ork player Go Up a Level?

A few cards or abilities allow you to compel another player to help you in combat.
Compel meaning forced? Therefore, can a player play a card to help the player in Combat, yet the player in Combat did not ask or need help. Is the other player considered a helper?

Running Away

If nobody will help you . . . or if somebody tries to help, and your fellow party members interfere so the two of you still cannot win . . . you must Run Away.
Can more than one player help in a combat?

Roll the die. You escape on a 5 or more.
Why state 5 or more on a d6 (six sided die)?

If two players are cooperating and still canít defeat the monster(s), they must both Run Away.
If the players who combine Combat Strength... Who is considered cooperating? Does other player(s) who In Play "One-Shot" cards count?
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