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Default Re: Magico-alchemical ignition

Originally Posted by scc View Post
Too complicated for a start, and if I was GMing I'd say that the Ignite Fire results in the barrel heating up, dropping your rate of fire. Really what you want is Fast Fire cast on the ammo.
Of course the barrel heats up, but it takes three times as much to heat up an orichalum barrel than a bronze one. Note that the Ignite Fire is effectively cast by the magical item in question and doesn't heat up the item itself any more than a wizard casting Ignite Fire has his fingers burnt. But obviously, the combustion of the smokepowder heats the barrel as normal.

Not that firing often enough in a minute for that to matter is likely to come up with a holdout gun like this. The PC probably can't even manage more than 8-10 shots in a minute, even with succesful Fast-Draw (Ammo) rolls and no Aiming. I can't really imagine a situation where he'd fire often enough to overheat an orichalum barrel with magical protections.

In any case, the only danger would be ammunition cook-off. The PC is immune to fire and the orichalum weapon is Fireproof, Shatterproof and Soilproof.

Fast-Fire smokepowder is a good idea, of course. Maybe not the basic load, but definately specialised ammo.
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