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Okay built it via both pen , paper & calculators , plus CG to double check . It's very annoying that I'm unable to cut&paste the vehicle stats - from my phone at least ...

Outhauler Trailer: 40' Dumper Ture Trailer , 10 SB PR Tires , Quick Release Kingpin , 4 pairs of linked VMGs in Four 4-Space Sponson Turrets RF , RB , LF , LB , Oil Jet Corner Mounted Back Right , HD Shocks , HD Brakes , IFE , Link : All Right VMGs to OJ , Link : All Left VMGs to OJ , Smart Link : RF VMGs to RB VMGs , Smart Link : LF VMGs to LB VMGs , Metal Armour : F 5 , RF 25 , RB 25 , LF 25 , LB 25 , B 25 , UF 10 , UB 10 , 6-2pt Metal Wheel Guards 6-2pt Metal Wheel Hubs , Cargo [59 Spaces] , 26,205lbs, $76,000 .

Based on an Australian mining model , a very rugged workhorse Dumper designed to look after it's self . Few attack Dumpers anyway - and after an attack against this model , fewer will attack them again in the future !
Many are fitted with Off Road SB PR Tires ( as per the Road Construction Vehicle rules in ADQ 10/3 ) and/or a variety of Dischargers . Also good for secretly carrying items inside or under main Cargo : few will thourghly search a full load of rotting vegetables - or of manure for that matter ! Very useful for contraband or avoiding goods taxes ;-)
Use and enjoy .

Friends who have used this or similar designs have commented on how tough it is & at a very reasonable price . I've not really seen many other Dumper Trailer designs - the ones I have were almost unarmed or had mainly drop weapons .
Some Outhaulers were used during the African based Dictatorship/Rebels/Peacekeeping Military Campaign we played a few years back . Escorted by auxiliary Military vehicles & a Medium Armoured Car , they were well able to fend off multiple attacks from organised Bandit ambushes .
Five Gauss Guns on a Camper !!!
The Resident Brit .

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