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Default [SW/Mecha] AT-APC

I'm gearing up for a SWTOR-era (ala the MMO) Star Wars game - which I may not be recruiting for another few months - and wanted to run a stat block past people for the APC-type walker used by the Republic.

AT-APC All-Terrain Armored Personnel Carrier
(ca. 3700 BBY)

TL: 11
dST/HP: 30
Hnd/SR: +1/5
HT: 12
Move: 10/20
LWt: 100 t
Load: 2 t
SM: +6
Occ: 2+18SV
dDR: 20
Range: -
Cost: $21.7M
Streamlined: No

[1-2] Armor, Nanocomposite; dDR 20, $1M
[3] Control Room; C8 computer, Comm/Sensor 6, 2 Control Stations, $200K
[4-5!] Weapons, Major Battery; $1.2M
[6] Power Plant, Antimatter; 3PP, 25 years, $1.5M

[1-2] Armor, Nanocomposite; dDR 20, $1M
[3-4!] Robot Legs; $2M
[5!] Weapons, Medium Battery; $600K
[6!] Weapons, Medium Battery; $600K
[core] Power Plant, Antimatter; 3PP, 25 years, $1.5M

[1-2] Armor, Nanocomposite; dDR 20, $1M
[3-4!] Robot Legs; $2M
[5-6, core] Passenger Seating; 16 seats, standing room for 2, $90K

Design Features:
Hardened Armor (3 levels); $9M

Design Switches:
Square Root of Destruction (Pyramid #3/34, p9)

Forward Weapons Battery:
2 30MJ Particle Beam Cannon
dDam: 8d2 (5) burn sur
Range: Close/Short
RoF: 1
Rcl: 1

Mid-Section Weapons Batteries:
2 100KJ Particle Beam Cannon each
Option: Improved
Option: Very Rapid Fire
dDam: 1d (5) burn sur
Range: Close
RoF: 10
Rcl: 1

Control Room: 2 (Pilot; Gunner)

House Rule:
Each additional level of Hardened Armor lowers the attack's armor divisor by an additional step and adds another +100% to the armor's cost; Hardened 1 is double cost, Hardened 2 is triple cost, Hardened 3 is quadruple cost.

A few design notes:

First, the AT-APC has a lower center of gravity than the AT-AT seen in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi; the leg layout is closer to that of wide-body short-leg quadruped than its later relatives. This makes it harder to be topped on its side or onto its "neck" by aircraft with tow cables.

Second, the Mid-Section Batteries. These are intended for anti-personnel fire, with one battery on the left side of the walker, the other on the right. While technically on turrets, they can't fire directly ahead or directly behind, nor are they manned.

Third, the seating. I took a look inside the parked ATs in the MMO, and counted 16 seats; I actually estimate that there's room for an additional 6-10 people standing up between them, which can be used for the rest of the platoon's gear. I didn't quite know how to stat that kind of space, so I used one additional Passenger Seating module for it.

Access to and from the cockpit is through the passenger seating. I wasn't sure if there was a third seat in the cockpit like in the ones from ESB (to my knowledge, we're never shown the cockpit of the AT-APC in the game), so I had to make a judgement call.

So, questions, comments, suggestions, criticisms, critiques? (Flames will be forwarded to /dev/null/ .)
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