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Default Re: [Modern Firepower] Technothriller gear for secret DHS team in 2017

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
I guess this is where I'm really unclear. Who exactly rates an issue sidearm and who doesn't?.
Officers, MPs and people with high security workstations (the kind where they are expected to shoot unauthorized personnel, like with nuclear weapon security).

Commissioned officers in combat branches do and maybe just all commissioned officers, period. I'm not 100% certain that this is how it works in reality, but decades of movies have convinced me that even if an officer is not combat arms, he still gets a sidearm to wear with his shiny dress uniform.
Yeah it is some weird status thing now. Grant would probably hate it.

I have no idea whether warrant officers or senior NCOs are generally issued sidearms or if that is only for MOSes like CID.
The only warrants I am familiar with are Marine Gunners who absolutely are qualified for pistols, because they are experts on every infantry weapons as their entire raison d'Ítre.

Nor do I know if MPs or Counterintelligence specialists carry a pistol for self-defence on deployements and/or whether they may perhaps even be issued them at home, because they are effectively acting as cops.
Yes, American police are expected to be armed in general.
I've got some sort of hazy idea that enlisted personnel in roles that might call for their deployment to a base in a country that technically counts as combat, but not ones that will ever get them humping a pack or rifle out on patrol, might be issued a pistol for self-defence rather than a rifle.
Not that I know of.
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