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Default Re: Firearms training and familiarity for US Army mental health specialist

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
I know that US soldiers do not carry weapons on military bases in the Continental United States unless they are on duty as base security or similar.

What I'm wondering is how often would a mental health specialist (68x) who spent a year in the army have held a weapon and which weapons would she be familiar with?

Everyone gets basic training and that presumbably includes some days of learning how to use an M16A2. Is the operation of an M9 pistol taught in basic? How about the M11/SIG P226? What about rarer military weapons? Are machine guns and grenade launchers fired in Basic Combat Training or is that only in AIT for the appropriate MOS?

Are Army personnel in a non-combat MOS like mental health specialist ever issued a gun if they are not deployed overseas?
From what a friend of mine had said back in the early 90s about his basic, his training group did get to use a M-60, everyone got to shoot off half a belt, except for him, he was the odd man, so he got a full belt to himself.
As to the truth of this or not, I cannot verify, since years later I found out this guy was full of crap, and the military was right to not allow him to re-enlist.
As to his MOS, it was probably infantry/admin, he was an admin weenie at a hospital duty station before they shut it down.
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