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Default Re: [Modern Firepower] Technothriller gear for secret DHS team in 2017

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
I'm sorry if this is supposed to be a running joke for the game or something but the people who track down hoof and mouth outbreaks don't have an armed Special Investigations unit.
They do. Basically the most bizarre parts of the US federal organizations have armed agents, that is a trend that really started in the late 1980's/early 1990s, before that the the number of such agencies was MUCH lower that it is today.

It is a combination of investigators wanting to be armed agents because they will get better pay if they do, the organizations getting "street cred" for having such, the growing mutual mistrust between agencies and parts of the population, The tightened rules where such things need to be regulated and official instead of ad-hock and many more reasons.
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