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Default Re: Base and other property

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
The points are largely a meta "We don't have to deal with legal hassles in game" and a "It will make us a small stipend" effects.

Though I suspect Gwythaint is looking for other benes that could be incorporated into it.

DF demands that delvers payout 150$ a week to survive... this mitigates a portion of that genre rule. Also the game setting demands you have a 'permanent' residence to live in the city, while a Guild membership (1 point Perk) covers this, a few points in a Base covers this as well as giving us a "storage place" that (theoretically*) costs no money.

* It's costing money because our characters refuse to live in a residence with roof leaks and gaps around doors and etc. And because we want Alchemy Labs, and workshops, and such.
I guess I missed where anyone said this was a DF game. I never play that, so I'm unaware of the peculiar challenges it puts in the way of roleplaying.
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