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Default Re: Report To The Stakeholders

It *is* a very good report, and I'm glad to see that SJG had such a good 2009. (I might add that the "Clearing the Pipeline" included one new In Nomine release and the electronic re-printing of the line's out-of-print supplements, which was good to see). I have to selfishly admit that I was a little disappointed to see that the roleplaying arm is officially a non-priority, beyond basic maintenance and promotion ... on the other hand, I also understand that the RPG funding depends on continued sales of Munchkin for the time being, so I can't fault Evil Steve for garnering as many golden eggs from that goose as he can.

Also, to be fair, in last year's stakeholder report, GURPS was the only RPG listed as a priority, yet In Nomine. Car Wars, and the GURPS WWII line, among others, all saw releases late in the year. So who knows what 2010 may hold if the stars are right and the profits good?
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