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Originally Posted by Rev. Pee Kitty View Post
Surprised that no one's commented on this thread since the 2010 Report to the Stakeholders went up.
This is the first I'd heard about it...

Originally Posted by Rev. Pee Kitty
What did y'all think?
One new priority jumps out at me:
Originally Posted by Steve Jackson
The third priority will be to promote ourselves more consistently. In particular, we will do better at promoting and supporting games – even the ones that are not yet hits – after their release.
I hope that includes current games - INWO, Ogre, In Nomine (it's me - you knew that one would be on the list, right?), TOON, Car Wars, and other older SJGames products are just as deserving of support as the newer non-Munchkin games are, especially if the company's desire to ride the long tail is at all serious. You won't get follow-up sales if nobody remembers the games, after all.

I don't know how much freelance editing SJGames contracts out nowadays, but I know you used to work that way with some products. (looks at copy of In Nomine: You Are Here that was a gift from the book's freelance editor.) It might be worth trying the freelance-editor route with the smaller lines, letting the in-house editing staff concentrate on the big sellers and new products. (Edit: Of course, that's just a possibility and suggestion - until somebody does that business analysis SJ wants done, we won't know whether this is a good idea.)
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