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Default Re: The Utility of High Combat Skills

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
Personally, I like to combine high skill levels with Ambidexterity, High Pain Threshold, and Night Vision 5.
Normally points are in infinite supply to the player, you likely should have spoke to that in your OP. This response seems to indicate that there are an incredible amount of points to be spent.

Yes, in a game where hundreds of points will be spent in combat related attributes and skills alone ... it is incredibly effective.

With that said, spending more than half your points on combat traits is likely poor design and over three quarters or more is flawed; unless your character and the game are warriors with no other purpose in a specialized setting.

The character you are designing is legendary in its gun raw ability. Perhaps never seen on earth. And with speced gear (though I cannot imagine affording wealth, allies, or patron) that could rise even higher.

My experience with people that build incredibly lopsided characters is that they are unhappy. They are unhappy their only tool is a hammer and frustrated that they were so overkill with it. Until their character is retooled they are looking for anything that their DX provide for them in default.

In Aliens the "just grunts" Pvt Hudson and Pvt. Vasquez could fabricate, repair, weld, operate a variety of devices, read schematics, medic skills, work with explosives, and all their space marine specific training. If all they could do is shoot at some level exceeding Legolas, they would have been very little use to the team. As the game is rigged against them, its survival against overwhelming foes on a timeline.
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