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Default Re: TFT Helper - beta test of app

Originally Posted by andreww View Post
Question for the Android users: in combat do you see the dice as black with white pips or different colors for each number? The unicode for the die faces is supposed to be black and white, but some devices use a unicode bitmap with colors. I'm not sure how many devices, so I don't know how seriously to take that behavior.
I saw colored dice with white pips, then sometimes I get not a number as in
"You roll NaNdNaN for damage... for a total of NaN.
Jon of the Isles takes NaN points of damage. And they're out."

Edited to add: I have one character that once it started seems to always get NaN for damage. The other character still gets numbers for damage. I've always only gotten colored dice.

Android 8.0.0, Samsung Galaxy S8. More info on request.

It's a neato app! Thanks!

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