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Default Re: backpack? and some other minor confussion thx

I hear ya -- you almost wonder what is the point of "Charity" or hand limits if you can just carry all your items sideways. BTW, "backpack" is what we call it, too -- I think Steve Jackson called it that when he was on TableTop. :)

So my question would be: can you just put ANY item from your hand into this sideways/unequipped position (unless it is a big item and you already have one there or in use)?

In other words, are you supposed to be able to play an item first in order to put it in front of you, and THEN and only then if it becomes useless (or you get a better item) you can turn it sideways? Or can it just go straight from your hand to the sideways/unequipped-but-in-front-of-you position until you want to use it?

I sort of assumed the first one, but the Munchkin rules don't specifically address this. Maybe I should make it a house rule ;) Because I rarely use the "sideways" option, but I have friends who will carry LOTS of cards there just so they don't have to give anything to charity. Which seems wrong somehow...?
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