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Default Re: backpack? and some other minor confussion thx

omg!! thx that was so fast!!!
thx for that link, i ll print that booklet. For some reason my booklet only have 4 pages <.< .. and was super vague about the items, and lacking my original one i couldn't remember even the proper term ( :P .. sorry bout that)

so.. i tried to put all my carried item down, put some as used and others as unused on our last game, but my friend pop up a question that make doubt the rules (hence come here).. if i can put unlimited items down when would i ever need "charity"? or is that because of the amount of monsters/traps/wondering monsters/and such non-items cards that can end up in your hand and you cant put down in your table as "carried"

again thanks so much, this would help a lot..

and ha i won the discussion bout the loot and looking for trouble.. lol...
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